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  • "Right for Today, Ready for Tomorrow"

    How can you run a facility with the best and latest technology... and at the same time avoid a financial breakdown? You need to choose technology that is designed to be scalable and grow along with your evolving needs – This is the very premise of the road shows conducted by Patient Care Corporation, in cooperation with Carestream Health Philippines for Radiologic Technologists and decision makers of various hospitals and Imaging Centers in Luzon last July 15 and 16, 2015.

    The first road show, intended for delegates coming from South Luzon and the National Capital Region was held in One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites last July 15, 2015. While delegates from North and Central Luzon, came to Le Monet Hotel, Baguio City last July 16, 2015. Both road shows were successful and well-attended. Attendees included distinguished members and officers of the Philippine Association of Radiologic Technologists, administrators and key decision makers of major hospitals and imaging centers all over Luzon.

    The road shows featured brief spiels from our partners from Carestream Health Malaysia and Carestream Health Singapore. Our very own Managing Director, Mr. Gino Paulo Mah also delivered a very interesting speech on “Investing to Digital”, which the crowd immensely enjoyed. But probably the most anticipated part of both road shows is the showcase and actual demonstration of Carestream Health's digital imaging solutions.

    The interactive presentation elicited oohs and aahs from the crowd. Radiographers and radiology service managers couldn't hide their enthusiasm over the DRX-Revolution's maneuverability and wireless detector and the Picture Archiving and Communication System's (PACS) convenient local and remote reporting. The CR Vita Flex and DRX-1 also drew positive feedback from the delegates. All in all, the road shows were successful in advocating the future-proofing of X-ray and Health IT purchases with modular systems. Indeed Radiographers and Radiology Service Managers can count on PCC and Carestream Health Philippines in ensuring that their imaging solutions are right for today and ready for tomorrow. By: Kale Songco & Phil Barrios

  • "Challenging the Status Quo… The 2015 Wellness Challenge"

    Three challenges, seven teams, one goal – to promote healthy eating and encourage physical activity by creating a supportive work environment reinforced by teamwork and camaraderie.

    Coming from a very successful and much talked about wellness program last year, the entire 4th floor of the PCC building was abuzz with excited chatter last February 28, 2015, as employees wait for the big reveal as to what the Admin Team has prepared for this year's wellness program. True to everybody's anticipation, the 2015 Team Wellness Challenge was made extra challenging and more fun with unexpected twists and a more inviting pot money.

    Employees are divided into seven teams: Team A (District A + NCL Ethicon Specialists + 2 Delivery Personnel); Team B (District B + NCL Surgical TSRs + 2 Delivery Personnel); Team C (District C + 2 Field Engineers + 1 Delivery Personnel) + Team D (District D + 2 Field Engineers + 2 Delivery Personnel); Team E (Admin + Applications Specialist); Team F (Finance + BDE); Team G (NCL Operations Office Staff + 1 Delivery Personnel); Team H (SL1 + SL2 + 1 Field Engineer); Team I (SL2 + Bicol + SL Ethicon Specialists + SL Surgical TSR); and Team J (SL Office Personnel + NCR). The winning team shall be chosen based on their scores on the three sub-challenges: Team-sponsored fitness activity, team wellness logs/updates on PCC Employees group page, and percentage of improvement of team's average Body Mass Index (BMI). The team with the highest overall challenge score wins the challenge and takes home the pot money.

    In the first sub-challenge, each team shall devise a fitness activity based on one of the following themes: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, agility, flexibility, power/strength, balance, coordination, and accuracy. Members of each team shall be responsible for the entire activity: Planning & logistics, communication, and actual conduct of the activity. They are given a specific budget to cover the expenses needed for their sponsored activity. Teams must be able to conduct their sponsored activities anytime from March 1, 2015 to September 30, 2015. The team with the most relevant, fun, organized, and well-received fitness activity wins the sub-challenge.

    The next sub-challenge is the maintenance of an online team wellness diary thru Facebook. The wellness diary shall be updated weekly and must depict the team's journey towards achieving an improved BMI. The team with the most relevant, complete and creative wellness diary wins this sub-challenge.

    The last sub-challenge proves to be the most difficult as it involves getting members of each team to get their BMI as closed to the ideal as possible. The average BMI of the team shall be determined by getting the average height and average weight of each team member. This shall then be used as a reference point to determine their percentage of improvement during the 30 weeks period. The team with the highest percentage of improvement wins the sub-challenge.

    The Wellness Committee composed of the Managing Director, the Sales Director and the Regional Sales Managers shall document each team's performance on the sub-challenges and ultimately decide on the winner of the 2015 Team Wellness Challenge. The big announcement shall be made on October 30, 2015.

    Indeed, the Admin Team has outdone themselves in devising another sure-fire hit wellness program. By: Maan Pangan & Peachy Santos

  • "Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it."-Eileen Caddy

    Patient Care Corporation strives to live by its commitment to provide an environment for employee growth, development and well-being. As part of this corporate mission, PCC conducts annual activities that will foster teamwork and camaraderie among its employees. For the year 2015, Sales achievers from Clinical and Imaging divisions Reden Paul Mariano and Reygie Lontabo were tasked to organize the company’s annual activities. Despite their busy schedules as sales representatives, consistently working hard to reach their sales and collection targets, Red and Reygie managed to organize a successful Sales Kick Off held last January 22 to 24 at Bliss Hotel. When asked to share the secret to their success, both of them quickly responded by saying that proper time management is the key. They brainstormed even beyond office hours to plan for the event.

    Spearheaded by Sales Director Mark Manalo, the event aimed to prepare the sales team for another challenging year through proper planning and skills training. Presentations of the districts’ achievements for 2014 and their plans for 2015 took place on the first day. Their plans focused on penetrating new accounts. On the second day, the sales team had their skills training on contract negotiation. The training was designed and facilitated by Wency Manalansan and Jan Raigel Vera Cruz. Short “role-play” exercises were also done by the sales team to assess and improve their skills on closing deals. The exercises were both amusing and enlightening for the sales team.

    One of the highlights of the Kick-Off was the “Break-out-session” that took place on the third day. Programs and promos of principals for 2015 were successfully rolled out by the product specialists, identifying the target accounts at the same time. Similarly, the different departments of the company namely Operations, Administration and Finance were also given the time to present their programs and new policies for employees. Queries and concerns were successfully addressed during this event. The most entertaining part of the Sales kick-off was the “fellowship night” held at the rooftop of the PCC office. This was organized by Miss Lyn Yusi, the Regional Sales Manager for Northern and Central Luzon and the Admin department. The goal of the event was simply to take a break from work and just enjoy each other’s company. Office employees also joined the event. New employees were introduced and were given the chance to showcase their hidden talents. Fun games such as “picture-perfect” and “drop the blankie” allowed employees to familiarize themselves with one another. Food, drinks and great music made the night even livelier. Mr. Gino Mah, the managing director offered a toast to everyone for strengthening friendships and achieving goals. It became a night worth remembering.

    The company’s activities do not only focus on the company’s targets and strengthening teamwork but on the health and well-being of its employees as well. One of the designed activities is the “weight loss challenge” which aims to achieve the ideal weight for every employee. Employees were divided into different groups and an initial “weigh-in” was conducted last month. The group with the closest ideal weight by the end of the year will receive a cash prize. PCC employees can look forward to more fun outdoor activities and healthy-eating programs that will support this goal.

    Indeed, work doesn’t always equal pressure, it can also team-up with pleasure. And according to our leaders of the activities this year, we should expect the unexpected and expect a more exciting year. By: Raymond Lim and Catherine Labrador