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  • "3M Sales Kick-off with PCC"

    The recently concluded W.I.L.D. aka Winners In Leadership and Distribution joint 3M & PCC teambuilding activity was a great success. Though maybe a bit delayed, compared to most kick-offs by other companies which usually happens during the first quarter of each year, it's never too late to address the most important issues the partnership between 3M & PCC faces , and synergize both companies resources to seize opportunities and achieve set goals. TSR's and Managers from both companies participated actively in the brainstorming session, which was the first part of the team building activity. TSR 's also showed their excellent detailing skills in presenting 3M products during the demo session.

    After the picking of brains comes the testing of brawns. The participants were divided into two groups. Each team went at each others throat in winning every team building activity. The activities that were prepared was never for the faint of heart. After the usual ground (i.e. boring) :) games they amped the level to greater heights, literally. We were made to walk on single bamboo bridge with only thin string cradles that serves as support . These single bamboo bridge is 10feet high to 15 feet at the highest point. Not contented by "hanging" us that high, the thin ropes were crawling with 2 inch red angry ants trying to protect their territory . (yup 2 inches, that is not a typo error nor an exaggeration) So, it was a battle between balancing and preventing oneself from falling and war against the "merciless" biting of these tiny torturers. .

    If you think that was tough already, these martials made us walk thru a muddy lagoon via two pcs. of rope. And when they saw that no one was going down, the last challenge got its first victim. The participants were asked to cross another murky watered lagoon by pulling oneself to the other side via a rope on a makeshift bamboo raft. But whatever tough activity the organizers have in mind to soften the will of the participants , they kept on getting tougher and even having more fun.

    That made the event more relevant with the theme of being W.I.L.D. The participants showed toughness and resilience be it intellectually or physically. They came out winners in every challenge, which I believe is the true essence of every team building activity. Relating it to our actual work in the field, these qualities are what we should be made of. To be tough and face all the challenges. Be resilient against all odds and come out winners by achieving our set goals. The event did not end there. Of course after a brain draining workshop, energy sucking games, the participants dipped their tired and weary bodies at the beautifully landscaped natural hot spring pool. They were also treated to a delectable dinner and a night of bottomless drinks and throat wrecking renditions of their favourite songs with the videoke. But wait, there's more...if you think it ended with a great nightcap the following day was a blast. PCC group was invited by 3M management to their new building at Taguig - The Creative Technology Centre Just like a scene from the future, we were treated to a whole gamut of ways where 3M products are used. With almost every industry using a 3M product one would wonder if there is someone not using a 3M product even once.

    Kudos to the organizers. Kudos to everyone who participated. Truly after the event , everyone is W.I.L.D. - W-anting I-mmediately to L-abor & D-eliver. By: Gerald Eric Sanchez


    Johnson and Johnson Medical Philippines conducted a two-day training for the Stratafix Spiral and Stratafix Symmetric last April 4-5, 2016 at J&J office headed by Ms. Julian Aguilar, Associate Development Manager for Ethicon Wound Closure. Participants for the said event were the North Manila (NoMa) ,South Manila (SoMa) and PCC Specialists joined by the Business Managers. J&J provided pre-read materials focusing on Total Hip Arthroplasty and Total Knee Arthroplasty since Stratafix is intended mostly for the orthopaedic procedures.

    A group pre-test was given to the participants on the first day of the training to check how well they understood Stratafix Spiral. The participants were divided into two groups. Ms. Aguilar together with Mr. Nonie Perez, guided the class by giving a team teach back session on the Stratafix Spiral module and performed Spiral Dry Demonstration. Mervin Ynchausti, NoMA Specialist, shared about his learnings and best practices in order to effectively sell Stratafix. On the same day, Stratafix Symmetric module, Dermabond and Symmetric Dry Demonstration were carried out. Certification of the participants on the Stratafix Symmetric concluded the first day of the training.

    Excitement embraced the whole Ethicon team on the second day when the two groups competed for the Amazing Race Game for Knowledge Check. The enthusiasm of the group continued when Dr. Vikram Jaisinghani discussed about the Ortho procedures, SOTM Arthroplasty module, Ortho procedure selling and Making effective presentations. The participants were challenged as well when Ms. Carol Ramis, Management Trainee, presented the Mechanics for the Stratafix Philippines Race to 3M wherein there would be recognition and incentive for the quarter and annual achievers. The two-day session wrapped up by recognizing Group Two ( Junel, Mervin,Lyn, Raffy and Ruth) as the over-all winner for the group activities.

  • "PCC bags awards from BD and Carestream"

    PCC ended 2014 on a high note. Two of the company's biggest principal suppliers have recognized PCC's accomplishments for 2014.

    Becton Dickinson gave two Business Excellence Awards to PCC. One award is for achieving the highest growth performance in trade sales for BD Medical Surgical Systems and the other is for achieving 36% growth for BD Diabetes Care for fiscal year 2014.

    PCC has also received a Business Achievement Award from Carestream Health for its outstanding performance in Carestream's Healthcare Information Solutions business for the year 2014.

    The various recognition has reaffirmed PCC's formidable position as one of the best Philippine distributors today.

  • "Looking to the Sun: PCC goes solar."

    Patient Care Corporation has gone solar. Monday, August 10, 2015, PCC launched its new 28.776 kWp grid system – a first for a business establishment here in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

    PCC President Alfrito “Bong” Mah formally opened the inauguration, thanking everyone who took time off their busy schedules to grace the momentous event for PCC. Among the guests are businessman Gonzalo Keh Yeng, Engineers Alex Patio and Jayson Bonus of AT&E, Architects Adonis Edwin Co and Isidro Yumang of DMCA, Mr. Alexander Pulumbaric, Head of Mechanical & Electrical Department of Fresh Options, Sasonbi Inc. President Dante Briones and Electrical Engineer Randy Arevalo, and PCC's consultant Engr. Efren Sotto.

    After acknowledging the guests, a brief lecture regarding Solar Energy was delivered by the President-CEO of Sasonbi, Inc., Mr. Dante Briones. He explained how the solar photo-voltaic (PV) generator systems work and how they would be integrated into the current electrical system. Everyone was all ears, hanging on to every word that Mr. Briones says. After the lecture, a short Q&A ensued. Mr. Briones gamely answered all the questions thrown by the guests. Pizza and soda were served to the guests after the Q&A. After the guests had their fill, everybody proceeded to the roof deck for the ceremonial switch on of the solar rooftop modules by PCC President Mr. Alfrito “Bong” Mah.

    Subsequently, the guests had the privilege of doing an ocular of the 88 solar modules installed at the roof deck. Everybody was floored by the work of Sasonbi Inc. and was greatly inspired by PCC's advocacy of using clean energy.

    Indeed PCC is living up to its mission of being at the forefront of innovation while at the same time, protecting the environment. By: Peachy Santos

  • "Kossan visits PCC."

    July 1, 2015, an early dinner was set to welcome visitors from the Gloves Marketing Division of Kossan International Sdn. Bhd. – Kossan is Patient Care Corporation’s principals for the InTouch® brand of sterile surgical gloves. Patricia Louis (Marketing Manager) and Isaac Lim (Marketing Executive) were welcomed to a collection of local cuisine at Matam-ih Restaurant in Clark Field, Pampanga by Gino Mah (Managing Director), Mark Manalo (Sales Director), Catherine Labrador (Business Development Executive) and Dexter Alfonso (Business Development Executive). Much to the surprise of the guests, performances by a group of indigenous artists kept them entertained with a mixture of tribal, local and foreign music, and pick-up lines.

    The following day, July 2, a product orientation seminar was conducted by Patricia Louis and Isaac Lim with the Sales Managers, Business Development Executives and Surgical Sales Representatives. Prospective new product lines were likewise introduced (i.e. powder-free sterile surgical gloves, nitrile sterile and non-sterile exam gloves, low priced sterile surgical gloves for bid tenders, and latex working gloves). The seminar was enlightening as it gave the participants insights on the product’s strengths and advantages over market leaders – from facilities, manufacturing and quality standards, packaging, distribution, product markings and feedback response. The seminar inculcated the values of INspiration, INnovation, and INtegrity with Kossan’s mission – “To drive quality by increasing awareness because the real value of quality reduces risks and costs”.

    PCC President Alfrito Mah later treated the group to lunch at Fortune Restaurant. Back in 2008, Mr. Mah with then Medical Imports Manager (now Area Sales Manager) Joseph Bituin, were the ones to seek out and discuss importation and distribution plans with Patricia Louis for INtouch® in the Philippines. Meeting again for more than 7 years, the lunch was more a meeting of old friends.

    The next day, July 3, courtesy calls to customers were done through the assistance of Area Sales Manager Joseph Bituin and Sales Sales Representative Jasper Alvin Acuña. The group were able to meet and talk to Ms. Mary Grace Dela Cruz (OR Head - Bernandino General Hospital), Ms. Emily Bernardino (Purchasing Head - Bernardino General Hospital), Ms. May Santiago (OR Supervisor - East Avenue Medical Center), and Ms. Josefina Reyes (OR Head Nurse - Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center).

    Patricia joined the PCC exhibit for the Operating Rooms Nurses Association of the Philippines (ORNAP) at Manila Hotel until July 4 while Isaac stayed until July 5.

  • "e-CAMPUS, More fun in PCC!"

    The premier principals of PCC, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics and Carestream Health Imaging recently launched an online training module for their local distributors.

    The OCD e-CAMPUS runs for 8 weeks and started middle of February 2015. After each session, OCD’s Senior World Wide Training Manager for Asia Pacific Region, Mr. Marvin Biliwang facilitates an open forum and recaps the module. A laboratory specialist from OCD is invited to be a resource speaker.

    According to Mr. Reden Paul Mariano, the top Sales Representative from the clinical group, “The e-CAMPUS is much better this year. The learning process is reinforced by the facilitator and the resource speaker. Unlike before, sariling sikap lang kami [we rely mainly on one another]”.

    The online training modules for OCD already started in year 2011 and paved the way for the PCC’s Sales Director, Mr. Marcos Manalo and a former, now resigned District Sales Manager to attend an intensive, hands-on and didactic training at the OCD’s main hub in the State of New Jersey, USA. However for some reason, follow-through on the online training ensued years after.

    Meanwhile, Carestream Health Imaging officially launched the e-CAMPUS in 2014. This is a breakthrough since there are no formal training modules set ever since for Carestream Distributors. According to the Managing Director of PCC, Mr. Gino Mah, “PCC is the only distributor granted by Carestream to access the online training. This is because PCC is the only distributor who access the Digital Asset Manager (DAM) on a regular basis. The DAM is the online access of PCC to acquire from Carestream the brochures, marketing and promotional materials that are now [also] available in 4-shared [filesharing server for PCC’s online library]. Carestream’s Country Manager, Mr. Anton Tan, appreciated the gesture so we were granted access to the e-CAMPUS. In return, we will require everybody including the management team to complete the modules”.

    Unlike OCD, Carestream’s e-CAMPUS gives the trainee the complete discretion when and where to engage the training modules. According to Mr. Kale Songco, Imaging Product Specialist “the purpose of the online training is to equip the specialists and the sales force with better understanding of the Carestrem products from the Analog Systems up to the Advanced Technologies such as CR [and] DR Systems. So that when we go in the field, we will be more confident and prepared”.

    Indeed, the e-CAMPUS’ from both principals are very helpful in elevating the quality of trainings for PCC. It makes learning fun and interactive. Hopefully, other principals develop such modules in the future.

  • "PCC Sales team breaks the wall, fills in the spaces…"

    As part of the continuous professional development in sales, trainings are always prepared to sharpen and update our skills and knowledge. Learning is best when it is experienced and felt.

    Last May 9, 2015, the sales team underwent a lecture and hands-on training on the most important ingredient of their profession – understanding the customer. To supplement their learning, a workshop on doing effective presentations was also held. Both sessions were facilitated by Sales Managers, in fulfillment of their responsibility in the professional development of their subordinates.

    The whole day affair was divided into two sessions. The first module entitled: Understanding the Customers, was facilitated by Sales Managers Ralph Bamba and Sally Dela Cruz. The afternoon session entitled: Effective Presentations, was facilitated by Sales Managers Joseph Bituin and Armie Velarde. Registration started at exactly 8:00 A.M.Bryan Canlas led everybody in a solemn opening prayer and Ralph Bamba formally opened the first session.

    The important points tackled in the first session are: using open and close-ended questions; knowing your teammates, familiarizing yourself on the hospital’s institution and organization, determining who is the coach from the customers, developing a consultancy type of relationship, and getting straight to the customer’s covert and real need. Highlights of this workshop was focused on knowing the type of customer one is facing and talking to and getting his full attention in order to uncover his covert needs. It was during this session that everybody was given a chance to practice the important points tackled in the workshop and to showcase their probing skills in the Structured Learning Experiences (SLEs) prepared by Bamba and Dela Cruz.

    After a sumptuous lunch, the second session commenced. The focal point of the module is creating a professional sales presentation through PowerPoint. Using a PowerPoint presentation is the most common and convenient way to discuss the products, the company and the thoughts that we would like to share on customers. Important points were directed on using the right font size, the right font style, dos and don’ts of matching the font color and the background, when to highlight and stress a point, use of animations and pictures, and using the presentation as a guide and not as a book, etc. The participants were grouped according to their respective product divisions, and were given a chance to share their PowerPoint presentations before and after the lecture. A lot were surprised to see that their previous presentations are not ideal and professional enough. The hands-on workshop taught the sales people how to further improved their presentation skills and make their PowerPoint presentations more professional and effective.

    At the end of the day, everybody was energized and ignited by the new knowledge they have acquired. Sometimes we feel that we do not need further lectures and readings. We feel that we are already competent enough to do the job; but learning is a never-ending process. Each of us undergoes this process every day. We learn from our daily experiences and sometimes we best acquire them if we commit to them the hard way. Breaking the unnecessary walls can be achieved by sharpening our skills. By furthering one's knowledge through training, one has the capacity to always fill in the gaps.