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  • "PCC Bags Awards in CSH ASEAN Partners Meeting ‘15"

    Bangkok, Thailand - Patient Care Corporation bagged awards during the Carestream Health (CSH) ASEAN Partners Kick-off last February 12 to 14, 2015 held in Holiday Inn-Silom Hotel. PCC was awarded the Healthcare Information System - Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (HCIS - PACS) Sales Achiever from among all business partners in the ASEAN Region. This resulted from sales of PACS on PCC’s Sales Territories in the Philippines. An additional recognition was given for the presentation of best practices by CSH Partner. Forty (40) partners voted for PCC as the best of five (5) presenters from different ASEAN Countries. Second was Salinee Ptd. of Malysia.

  • "Aesculap appoints PCC as new distributor in Luzon"

    Aesculap and PCC have recently agreed to terms on the distributorship for the world-renowned surgical instruments in PCC’s territory. With this, PCC’s customers can now look forward to fulfilling their instrument needs in their Operating Rooms, and expand their surgical services through the acquisition of vital instrumentation. Aesculap, represented by its Business Development Manager, Alex Garcia, and it’s Business Unit Head, Manuel Arkoncel, handpicked PCC to be its new partner after successful collaboration in selected projects in Manila and North Luzon in the past year. In light of this welcome development, PCC has created a new team to handle this new product line, comprising of Raymond Lim, Joey Danila, Marvin Cruz and Jasper Acuna. PCC-North & South Luzon shall be handling General Surgery, Spine & Ortho products, while PCC-NCR shall be specializing on Spine & Ortho instruments, such as Yasargil aneurysm clips, Craniofix cranial fixation devices and Acculan power drill systems.

  • PCC conquers Caliraya

    Off from field work, hold on the booking and delivery and pause from the routinely office papers. The heat is on and it's time for a spectacular and unforgettable experience this summer. Patient Care Corporation holds an annual summer outing to give its employees an avenue to take a much needed break from the hustles and bustles of work. This year's summer outing was held last April 19-20 at Caliraya Resort Club in Lumban, Laguna, which is approximately a 4-5hours drive from San Fernando Pampanga.We left Pampanga at around 6:00AM on-board a 60-seater bus. The road trip was really fun as we had our fill of delicious sandwiches and chips while enjoying a film marathon. We arrived at our destination at 11:00am and rode a ferry for two minutes to reach the resort proper. Upon arrival, we boarded a jeep that took us to the main hotel where a sumptuous lunch buffet awaits us. After lunch, we were given a few hours to settle and rest at our assigned villa rooms in preparation for the Sportsfest games set in the afternoon.

    At 4:00 PM, we organized ourselves in the quadrangle for a briefing by Regie Rancap, the games facilitator. We were told that we'll be playing the Earth Ball Challenge and the Caliraya Adventure Race. Before the games ensued, each team was asked to present an impromptu cheer to boost their spirits. After each team's presentation, Regie explained the mechanics of the Earth Ball Challenge. The game is similar to Volleyball; however, the size of the ball is approximately 10 feet in diameter and will need about 12 players to toss the ball to the other side of the net. The game was a real spectacle to watch. The Pink Powerbladers won the Challenge with the Green Microbeckies following suit in 2nd place.

    Immediately after the Earth Ball Challenge, Regie explained the mechanics of the Caliraya Adventure Race, where each team needs to go through challenges in seven stations. The first station is at the gazebo where each team needs to surpass the Puzzle Predicament challenge. The team needs to find several puzzle pieces that would form the Caliraya map. The Wall Climbing/Rappelling challenge was next where 5 members of the team need to climb and touch the railing on top of an approximately 60 feet wall. The 3rd challenge is the Pool Problem, where 6 members need to swim from one end of the pool to another. At the 4th station is the Kayak Challenge, where 5 members of each team need to cross the man-made lake from the lakeshore to the pole, by means of a kayak. The 5th challenge is Basketball where each team needs to shoot three balls from the free throw line. In the sixth station each team needs to go through an obstacle course. After which, they would have to run towards the 7th station for the Mud Slide challenge where all team members need to slip and slide as one team on a 100m man-made slide that ends on a pit of mud. The Blue LiNA Pen-nies emerged as the champion in the Caliraya Adventure Race with the Yellow Intouchables coming in close second.

    After the Sportsfest games, we were given time to rest and freshen up before dinner at the main hotel. After dinner, we had fun bonding with fellow employees, swimming and exploring the resort. We woke up early the following day for a sumptuous breakfast at the main hotel and further exploration of the resort. Afterwhich, we packed our things and prepared for our journey back to Pampanga. It's around 9:40AM when we left Caliraya bringing our great experience and memories of the resort and its relaxing ambiance. Truly, it has been a great break and a good time to have bonding with fellow employees outside the battlefield of our daily work. By: Gerald Del Rosario

  • PCC's Version of Trip to Jerusalem

    PCC made Christmas more meaningful by doing an adaptation of the favorite Christmas Party game "Trip to Jerusalem". PCC's version is more aptly called "Trip to Mindanao".

    While most companies were busy preparing for their respective Christmas parties, PCC decided to make a difference by really embodying the true spirit of Christmas. So, aside from giving a festive Christmas party to its staff, PCC reached out to the victims of typhoon Pablo in Mindanao.

    On December 21, 2012, a day before the company Christmas party, PCC extended a donation of P 100, 000.00 to the typhoon victims in Mindanao through the Philippine Red Cross. The donation was formally handed by PCC President Alfrito Mah, Office Manager Minardo Sotto, Finance Manager Nory Aquino, Administration Head Peachy Santos, and HR Officer Maan Pangan, to the Central Luzon Chapter of the Philippine Red Cross.

    In a brief message, Mr. Mah further encouraged all PCC management and staff to extend moral support and prayers for the rescue and search operations in the areas hardest hit by typhoon Pablo. After all, the true meaning of Christmas can only be felt once we mirror Christ's goodness to others.


    As part of the 12th Cityhood Charter Anniversary of the City of San Fernando, City Mayor Oscar Rodriguez urged Fernandinos to join in the City's attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the most number of participants to take part in a cleanup drive. The target number of participants is 200, 000 as the current record to beat is 165, 000. Aside from aiming for the Guinness World Record, the cleanup drive also endeavors to inculcate in each Fernandino a concern for Mother Earth and the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

    PCC employees eagerly joined the worthwhile activity in compliance with the directive of PCC President Alfrito "Bong" Mah. Armed with broomsticks, dustpans and other cleaning materials, PCC employees gamely cleaned the roadsides, vacant lots and clogged drainages in front of the AMHSCO building along Mac-Arthur Highway from 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM. Employees wore the prescribed blue shirt during the cleanup.

    The massive and simultaneous city-wide cleanup drive was held last February 1, 2013 from 6 AM to 9 AM.


    PCC employees took off from the comfort of their bedrooms on the dawn of February 10, 2013 to run alongside other volunteers. PCC President and Red Cross Pampanga Chapter Director Alfrito "Bong" Mah led the PCC employees and thousands of Red Cross volunteers who turned up and formed a "Sea of Red" during the Million Volunteer Run 2 held at the Provincial Capitol of Pampanga.

    Big smiles, excited chatter, determined spirits, jubilant mood, bayanihan - these are the predominating atmosphere that filled the air as runners trod for 5 kilometers, from the capitol grounds to the busy streets of the city and back.

    The Million Volunteer Run 2 was aimed at heightening public awareness on the importance of disaster preparedness and at recognizing the important role of volunteers in the humanitarian field, especially in times of disasters and other emergencies.

  • Boracay Incentive Trip

    PCC has awarded an incentive trip to Boracay Island for the first time. The recipients of the said incentive are employees from the Sales Department who fell short of the criteria set for the Beijing incentive trip but whose individual performances are still commendable, and the entire Admin Team who achieved their department’s targets for 2013. The group enjoyed the pristine shores of the island from April 9 to April 12, 2014, gamely trying the various activities and cuisines that Boracay has to offer. The 4-days-3 nights island vacation has undoubtedly boosted the employees’ morale and motivation to outdo their 2013 performance to be eligible for this year’s incentive trip.

  • Additional Ethicon Specialist in South Luzon

    This year heralded the expansion of our market reach in South Luzon, thereby warranting an additional Ethicon Specialist in the area. Effective this third quarter, the company has assigned Jennifer Pineda as the Ethicon Specialist to cover the Laguna, Quezon, Cavite and Rizal areas. Pineda will be working alongside Ethicon Specialist Charlie Dela Cruz, Jr. With the addition of Pineda in our roster of exceptional Ethicon Specialists, we can expect the Ethicon product line to soar to even greater heights.

  • PCC-Petron Partnership

    Early this year, PCC has tapped Petron Philippines to provide fleet cards for its entire fleet. The Petron Fleet Cards are assigned by the Finance Department to each company vehicle. The fueling information from a transaction is electronically loaded into Petron’s Fleet Focus System, which allows for the tracking of cost to operate the specific vehicle. Petron allows the company to apply fuel consumption limits for each card and needs to be identified when placing the request for the card. This innovation has made fueling up easier for all drivers of company vehicles and monitoring of fuel consumption easier for the Finance Team.

  • Order Status Sender

    Early last year, the Admin Department has introduced a customer feedback system that enables customers to get email notifications regarding the status of their orders. The project was an instant hit with PCC clients and there was a clamor for notifications via SMS as well. Responding to this call, the Admin Department has partnered with Sun Business Solutions and launched the customer feedback mechanism via SMS. With these feedback mechanisms, PCC has once again proven that it is at the forefront of innovation and technology in providing quality service to its clients.

  • Carestream ASEAN Channel Sales Conference

    Carestream kicked-off 2014 with a bang. Last February 12 – 15, 2014, Carestream held a successful ASEAN Channel Sales Meeting at Shanghai, China, with delegates from various dealers all over South East Asia. The 4-day affair commenced with a recap of Carestream’s 2013 performance and a presentation of plans of each division of Carestream Health. The four-day affair also included a visit to the headquarters of Carestream in China and the factory where Carestream films are being manufactured. Sales Director Mark Manalo and Regional Sales Manager Joey Pagsanjan, represented PCC in the said event.

  • A Fun-filled Fitness Activity

    A Fitness Activity Challenge was launched last August. Every team is challenged to come up with a fitness activity that would elicit active participation from all employees. With pot money at stake, everyone was excited to join the challenge. The first team to hold the activity was District A, headed by their energetic manager, Sally Dela Cruz. They mounted a fun-run with a twist. Everyone was curious and excited what activity was in store for the participants.

    The activity was held last August 23 at St. Jude Village Covered Court, a stretching workout led by Kim Bachiller set the mood for the activity. Everyone would run 3 laps around the area and after which a challenge was given such as blowing a piece of paper with your mouth full of puto seko and threading a needle. It was a fun-filled way of getting fit. The District A did a great job in coming up with an activity that encourages healthy lifestyle while having fun. Now, who said that getting fit is boring! Can't wait for the next team activity...

  • Circuit Training, A New Way To Get Fit

    August 2, 2014 – Everybody was quite curious about the new fitness activity that the wellness committee has planned for the 3rd leg of the Sportsfest. Weeks before the event, the wellness committee has announced that the activity will be something different… something which they have not yet experienced. This elicited mixed reactions from the employees: some were skeptic and anxious, while some were excited and thrilled to try the new activity. On the actual day of the event, the wellness committee finally revealed what the new activity was – Circuit Training, a resistance training using high-intensity aerobics that targets strength building and muscular endurance. The wellness committee tapped Coach Che Cuizon and his team from Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts, to facilitate the circuit training. Before the actual activity, Coach Che discussed to the group the benefits of being physically fit and active while having fun. He and his team also led the employees to a fun warm-up before the actual circuit training.

    The circuit training was designed into a competition between teams: each team has to complete a relay of exercise: jumping jacks, push-ups, military squats, and the ladder. Every member of the team needs to do the relay in three rounds, with the number of repetitions decreasing per round. The team to accomplish the relay at the least possible time, wins the competition. The challenge sounds pretty easy, but for those who live a sedentary lifestyle, it was a huge feat to conquer. Surprisingly, everyone was up for the challenge. They tried beating each team’s best score, proving to the coaches that they’re a real competitive bunch. There was no dull moment during the whole event as they were also led to a cooling down exercise after the challenge. The challenge really brought the competitive spirit of each team. Thus, it was not surprising that it was a very close fight. The Red Team won the challenge by just a few seconds from the Violet Team. Everyone was in good spirits after the activity, except for a few groans and grunts due to body pain. All in all, the activity was a huge success.

  • An Earnest Encounter

    During the early part of 2014, Ms. Chanel Channing expressed her decision to close Xenotec, Inc. Xenotec has been PCC’s supplier of Metrex Research products (MetriCide, MetriCide 28 and test strips) since it started importing the same. While the news came suddenly, PCC is thankful to Ms. Channing for paving the way to ensuring continuity of providing the products to the Philippine market. On March 12, Mr. Ernst Hess, fresh from a business trip from Egypt, arrived in the Philippines. He was welcomed by the Business Development Team, Cathy Labrador and Dexter Alfonso, and were later joined by PCC Managing Director Gino Mah and Sales Director Mark Manalo for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent for a Kapampangan historical exposure as the group visited the lahar-sunken San Guillermo Church in Bacolor and later the Kapampangan Museum in Clark. Much to PCC’s enchantment are the other products of Metrex Research which were introduced the following day through a crash course on Infection Prevention Procedures attended to by the PCC Surgical Sales Team. The course provided the Sales Team with a better insight regarding the products, the competition, the processes involved in infection control and guidelines pertinent to the topic. Some of the products introduced would eventually form part of PCC Medical Import product line. Later that evening, Mr. Alfrito Mah treated Mr. Hess for a Kapampangan culinary experience as they dined at Binulo Restaurant where they were served the indigenous specie of crawfish (“ulang”) cooked in bamboo poles, sweet yam fritters (“ukoy”), deep-fried catfish served with mustard leaves, boiled eggplant, bittergourd and a saucer of fermented rice (“buro”) among others.

    The next day, NCR Team accompanied Mr. Hess as he visited selected NCR accounts to interview. They first visited Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center where they were greeted by Mr. Joseph Gathalian. Much of their discussion focused on reprocessing of scopes and surface disinfection. They later proceeded to meet Ms. Julieta Mangahis of UPM Philippine General Hospital. Their discussion ended in a commitment to pilot test CaviCide and CaviWipe towelettes in one of PGH’s Operating theatres. Mr. Hess left the Philippines on the afternoon of March 15. On parting ways, Mr. Hess expressed regret at the shortcomings of Metrex Research and commended Patient Care for having been able to sustain and grow the MetriCide market in the Philippines. Now onboard, he commits to taking an active role in strengthening the partnership in providing quality healthcare products for the Filipinos. This include among others, product information dissemination, marketing programs, competitive pricing schemes, regulatory support and market research. by: Dexter Alfonso

  • PCC employees bag year-end incentive

    2013 was another year to remember. For the first time in nearly 5 years, the employees were able to meet the company target, thereby making all regular employees eligible for the bonus prize. At the start of the year, it seemed like the overall sales target was unreachable, due to the huge growth imposed by PCC’s principal suppliers. Just like in recent years, the target appeared intimidating and out of reach. True enough, by June, the overall sales performance was significantly short. However, in spite of this, the management found that individual sales performances per product line were actually on target. So how come the overall sales target was short? …The deficit was actually coming from one product line or principal only. With this in mind, the management re-focused attention to this product line, in order to revive the business, and ultimately, the overall sales achievement. In support of this initiative, year-end incentives were offered (not only to the assigned sales people, but to everyone in the organization), so long as the target for this product line was achieved for the remainder of the year!

    This re-energized the staff and boosted teamwork amongst everyone--- from the people who promoted the products, down to the staff who helped prepare and deliver the customer orders. From then onwards, the company’s performance greatly improved and the “re-focused” target seemed to be well within reach. However, as the year came to a close, the deficit remained. And with only a few days, the employees were looking to each other for that one last push… On the last day of the year, despite last minute efforts from everybody, nobody knew if the target was indeed conquered. But as everyone 2014, all anxieties were replaced with excited anticipation, as the accounting department announced a 102% achievement of the target! After days of speculation and waiting, it was indeed a photo finish most worthy of the special prize that awaited everyone. Cheers to 2013 and an equally successful 2014 ahead!

  • PCC Gearing-up for the Contrast Media Market

    After the successful registration of Iobrix and Radisense with the Food and Drug Administration, PCC began a series of on-going in-house seminars with its sales force spearheaded by Business Development Executive Catherine Labrador and assisted by District B Sales Manager Lyn Yusi. Iobrix and Radisense are both non-ionic low osmolality injectable contrast media.

    To reinforce the product knowledge, Taejoon Pharmaceuticals Representatives conducted a whole day training on May 9, 2013. The short-course training module for PCC Imaging Division Sales Representatives and Area Managers was facilitated by Overseas RA and Business Team Manager Minyoung Hong and Accuzen Sales Team Manager Hyuhyun Jeung. Taejoon Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of Iobrix and Radisense while Accuzen is its marketing arm. The seminar included among others discussions on contrast media structures, osmolality, ion tendency, viscosity, hydrophylicity, chemotoxicity, risk factors, adverse reactions, preventive measures, as well as comparisons with other generics of contrast dyes.

    The seminar was concluded with awarding of token for the participants who bested the exam: Wency Manalansan, Nino Sagmit, Dexter Alfonso and Lyn Yusi.


    Carestream recently held a successful ASEAN Channel Sales meeting last January 31 to February 1, 2013 at the Phuket Merlin Hotel, in Phuket, Thailand. Being their biggest Philippine distributor, Carestream welcomed Patient Care Corporation and its representatives to the said conference, which was well attended by dealers from all over South East Asia, and key leaders from the Carestream global team, led by David Chambers, General Manager for Asia, and Antonio Tan, Country Manager for Philippines and Indonesia.

    During the meeting, Carestream reaffirmed its commitment in supporting Patient Care Corporation and its customers through Marketing programs, Educational seminars and Product updates, as well as sales training for Quantum X-ray Systems and PACS, which are the newest products lines under the Carestream Portfolio. The 2-day affair was capped off by an award ceremony where Patient Care Corporation received recognition for its accomplishment in Carestream's PACS business for the year 2012.

  • @40... PCC Gives Back to the Community

    40 years, 40 doctors, 14 volunteers, over 400 kilometers, one mission - to contribute to the health and well-being of underprivileged women on a place where access to medical care is considered a luxury.

    As part of its 40th anniversary celebration, Patient Care Corporation partnered with the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS) Region-1 Chapter for a Medical Mission centered on Women's Health at the Sinait District Hospital in Sinait, Ilocos Sur last July 5, 2013. The medical mission highlighted activities such as Major Gyne Surgery, Lectures on Reproductive Tract Infection, Cervical Cancer and Adolescent Health Issues and Out-patient services like pre-natal check-up, ultrasound, pap smear, breast examination, and cervical cancer screening using the Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA). Over 400 women were able to avail of these free medical services.

    Top consultants from Dagupan Doctors - Villaflor Medical Center, Baguio General Hospital, SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart, Ilocos Training Regional Medical Center, Bethany Hospital, Metro Vigan Hospital and Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital participated in this worthwhile activity, as well as guest speakers from POGS National.

    As co-organizers of the medical mission, PCC employees took an active part in making the activity a success. From the tedious legwork of sourcing the medical supplies, designing the tarpaulins and booking the accommodations of doctors, days prior to the medical mission, to assisting doctors and patients and running errands during the actual day of the medical mission, PCC employees showed remarkable altruism. Office personnel volunteers were in-charge of the registration and in assisting both patients and doctors to the various rooms where the medical services and lectures are being conducted. The nurses assisted in the prenatal check-up, pap smear and breast examination, and cervical cancer screening. The medical technologists took charge of the laboratory examinations. Despite the fatigue, PCC employees claimed that it was a very rewarding experience.

    POGS Region-1 Board Director and La Union Medical Society (LUMS) President, Dr. Aurora Valdez mentioned that this is the first medical mission that they partnered with a company who helped them organize everything. She is looking forward to the next medical mission with the company and wishes 40 more fruitful years for PCC. by: Jan-Raigel Vera Cruz

  • Bangkok Incentive Trip

    Selected Sales Team from Patient Care Corporation (PCC) had the chance to have an incentive trip in Bangkok, Thailand together with the owners of the company Mr. and Mrs. Mah. We have enjoyed some of the wonderful places Thailand has to offer and we have culminated our time in Thailand with some traveling and bonding time. Upon initial perception, traveling down the highway into the city from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok is remarkably large and modern. It's got so many different areas to explore, all with fascinating activities. Full of parks, shopping malls, restaurants, as well as beautiful architecture and Bangkok is a flourishing city. Just after arriving in Bangkok, we checked in Arnoma Hotel, got some advice and headed out for our tour. The streets were packed with people having a great time and there was a nice warm breeze.

    Thailand is a shopper's haven. Stores open up early as well as close up late at night. There are shopping malls, such as Gaysorn and Central World Plaza. We found market places everywhere, stalls upon each and every street. Most of us went to the malls particularly due to the fact they're interested to be able to stroll, or even excited to be able to simply check out men and women carry out their own purchasing.

    We also visited Mrs. Flowers. The main product of this shop is chocolates. It has a wide variety of chocolate products which we enjoyed a lot. We also passed some jewelry shops with quality and uniquely designed products offered at competitive prices. With everything ranging from endearing diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls, guaranteed to find something to cater to our sparkling needs. When we've had our fill of fancy malls and designer boutiques, Bangkok's night markets open our wallet to a whole new set of retail delights under the moonlight. So there's plenty of time to make the most of the city's attractions during the day, and fit in a bit of retail therapy comes nighttime. Many markets offer great after dark shopping opportunities incredible bargains and souvenir options. We went to the one of the most popular after dark market which is found in Patpong Roads. Since we're in Thailand, we might as well try a ride on the Tuk Tuk, Thailand's unique tricycle, just for the experience. It's my first ride on the Tuk Tuk during our trip. It's really a thrilling ride with the little Tuk Tuk moving in & out of traffic. Sometimes, we find that we're just inches away from the bus next to us. And with the constant traffic jam, we can imagine the air quality.

    Bangkok's temples are a unique part of the capital's heart and soul. A visit here would not be complete without seeing a Buddha temple. The structure is awe-inspiring and the glittering decoration like no other. Imagine thousands of pieces of colored glass and pottery adorned with exquisite structures covered in glaring gold! Once we got past all that it is a cool city to visit for days, the best part of Bangkok is the food. From street food to fine dining, this city offers every different type of cuisine at a range of qualities for generally affordable prices. Rice and noodles with stews, soups, fresh fruit, smoothies, seafood, all the Thai food we could imagine. We tasted some of them with an electrifying mix of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy.

    It seemed like yesterday, we were filling out applications for our passports, boarding our flight to Bangkok and now our trip has finally come to an end. We have seen, visited amazing places and the memories will live long. Well Bangkok was an experience. Glad we came! Bangkok is one of those capitals that everyone needs to visit once in their lives. Did I leave with a desire to come back? Yes. I want to see the elephant shows and floating markets next time. by: Jennifer O. Pineda

  • A Whole New World for PCC

    Kodak X-ray films, Insyte IV catheters, BD syringes, 3M Tegaderm and Vitros Dry Chemistry .These are just some of the well-known medical products that PCC has been succesfully providing top hospitals for almost two decades now. With these products, PCC was able to invade the land of Radiologists, Nurses, General Surgeons and Pathologists.

    For the year 2012, PCC has decided to enter another world, the world of Laparoscopic Surgeons, particularly Laparoscopic Gynecologists. These practitioners perform minimally invasive surgery, one of the biggest trends in healthcare. In this type of procedure, operations in the abdomen are performed through small incisions as opposed to the larger incisions needed in an open surgery. For many years, PCC has been involved in providing products for open surgery; from incise drapes to post-operative dressings. PCC has always been a frontrunner in surgical innovations and its latest venture is minimally invasive surgery.

    Last July 10 and 11 2012, PCC joined the annual convention of laparoscopic gynecologists held at the Diamond Hotel in Manila. This is the Philippine Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy. This was attended by almost 300 gynecologists from different regions in the country. PCC was joined by Frank Poulsen, the marketing representative from Lina Medical, PCC’s supplier from Europe. PCC was able to amaze a lot of gynecologists with Lina Medical’s innovations which include cordless morcellators, multi-functional bipolar instruments, uniquely-designed trocars and other useful accessories. The surgeons also enjoyed playing with Lina’s laparoscopic trainer which had various fun exercises. Their positive responses led them to invite PCC to visit their hospitals and present the products to their medical directors and administrators.

    Aside from laparoscopic products, PCC was able to showcase INTOUCH Surgical gloves, the premium gloves from Kossan Rubber Industries (Malaysia). The surgeons were quite impressed with the quality and neat packaging of the gloves that they would like to try them during their procedures.

    The event was both a memorable and an enlightening experience for PCC. It proved that minimally invasive surgery is indeed a potential market to exploit. This is a whole new discovery, a whole new world for PCC.by: Cathy Labrador

  • Medical Team hits 1st Sem 3M-SWC target

    3M announced this July that the PCC medical team has qualified for the incentive trip to Hong Kong! There were 16 PCC management and staff who qualified, based on the Team’s 1st semester Sales Performance on Skin & Wound Care – a division of 3M Medical. The team was bound for the city of Ho Chi Min in Vietnam, but the tour was later changed to Hong Kong and Shenzen, China, after consultations with all concerned parties. The delegates to this trip included the Sales Managers and the entire Medical Division Team of PCC. In March 2012, 3M skin and wound care announced its incentive for the PCC medical team for the 1st semester of 2012: a group tour to Vietnam! The criterion for the incentive was to hit 100% of the 1st semester target only, which covered sales performance from January 2012 to June 30, 2012. An additional Php 10,000 pocket money per person will be given once 100% of Trade Sales is achieved. With this welcome development, the company saw a boost in the enthusiasm of the medical team, who had a lousy 30% performance against 1st semester target for both trade and in-market sales.

    In order to reach the target and achieve the incentive, Sales Supervisors devised clever ways on how to increase both trade and in-market sales. They formulated promo packages that bundled fast-moving items with slow-moving items. They also bundled 3M products with non-3M products. This bundling of 3M products proved to be a very effective strategy as the team ended up achieving a remarkable 105% against the 1st semester’s target. After the confirmation from 3M, the entire team was given instructions to secure their passports and to prepare for their trip to Hong Kong and Shenzen, China. This stirred excitement among the Medical Division Team, especially for several reps who have never been to Hong Kong or Shenzen yet.

    Days and nights passed, and August 8 came, the entire team was a bundle of nerves, as monsoon rains swept over Luzon, causing severe floods that paralyzed transportation to several areas. One of the delegates, Arnel Zablan (District B Medical TSR), failed to make it to the airport and decided to forego the incentive trip and stay with his family during the calamity. Luckily for the rest of the team, the flights were not cancelled and everyone was happy to see good weather as their plane safely landed in Hong Kong. The entire team enjoyed shopping, sightseeing and eating Chinese cuisine in Hong Kong. They visited mid-level of Victoria Peak, the Aberdeen Fishing Village, the J.C. Jewelry Factory and the Movie Star Avenue. They also got to enjoy fine accommodation at Dorsett Far East Hotel.

    The team was also able to see Shenzen, China during the 3rd day of the trip. They visited Shennan Boulevard, Window of the World, Mineral Museum, and the Silk and Pearl Factory where they learned all about Bamboo fiber and its advantages over cotton. Upon returning home, the medical team claims to be looking forward to the next trip incentive for the 2nd Semester. According to the managers, they find these trip incentives abroad beneficial because our delegates are able to see different places and able learn from other cultures and lifestyles. It is also taking precious time OFF from work to enjoy the fruits of their labor and recharge for the next big challenge.by: Lyn Yusi & Gino Mah

  • PCC Specialists top Ethicon Recertification Exam

    PCC Ethicon Specialists have once again made us proud. Last September 10 and 11, 2012, PCC Ethicon Specialists Ralph Edward M. Bamba (District C & D – North & Central Luzon) and Charlie C. Dela Cruz, Jr. (South Luzon) topped the J&J Ethicon Re-certification Exam. Bamba and Dela Cruz, placed 2nd and 4th among 15 Ethicon reps and managers who took the exam.

    Weeks prior to the re-certification exam, PCC Ethicon Specialists have studied the clinical papers of A.M. Rath and J.P. Chevrel, M. van’t Reit, et. al., and A. Ceydeli, et. al. and reviewed the hernia, hemostasis and suture fundamentals. Two days before the recertification, the Specialists underwent a mock test prepared by Admin. Head Peachy Santos, to gauge their readiness for the re-certification training. Specialist Ralph Edward Bamba (District C & D – North & Central Luzon) aced the said mock test, while Jan-Raigel Vera Cruz (District A & B – North & Central Luzon) came in second. Specialist Charlie Dela Cruz, Jr. (South Luzon) didn’t do so well in the mock test but vowed to review harder for the actual exam.

    The two-day Ethicon Re-certification training held at Marriott Hotel, Manila, focused on Anatomy and Surgical Procedures and Product Training on PDS Plus, Secure-strap, Psyiomesh, UHS, and Bio Surgicals. Four notable trainers facilitated the said training: Dr. Vikram J. Jaisinghani, Mr. Nat Mayteedol, Mr. Chokchai Keeree, and Mr. Akkarapon Malavat. Our Specialists were joined by 14 Sales Managers and Reps from Johnson and Johnson Medical Philippines, headed by Ms. Nemia “Bing” Joson and Mr. Mark Josiah Pillejera. The five reps and managers who aced the exam were duly recognized during the conclusion of the two-day training: 1st place – Carlo Armando Enriquez (J&J Medical); 2nd place – Ralph Edward Bamba (PCC); 3rd Place – Analyn Tan (J&J Medical); 4th place – Charlie Dela Cruz, Jr. (PCC); 5th place – Jenny Uy (J&J Medical). Specialist Jan-Raigel Vera Cruz also did well in the exam but failed to make it in the top 5. The event was really an enlightening and rewarding experience for our Ethicon Specialists. The results of the re-certification exam proved that our Ethicon Specialists are exceptional and are at par with their J&J Medical counterparts. Indeed, PCC people can compete with the best in the medical sales field.

  • PCC off from work,goes PHYSICAL

    The 10th of November marked the commencement of the most awaited Sportsfest of Patient Care Corporation. This activity took place at St. Jude Village Covered Court in City of San Fernando. Unlike the previous Fests, this year’s activity is a series of events that extends to the second quarter of 2013. The activity started with the entrance of colors (Pink Powerbladers, Yellow In-touchables, Blue LiNA Pennies; Green Microbeckies). The symbolic passing and lighting of torch was represented by Reden Paul Mariano (Pink Powerbladers), Yhsmael Sandoval (Yellow In-touchables), Francis Ortencio (Blue LiNA Pennies), and John Lyndon Banares (Green Microbeckies). It was followed by the raising of the team flags and the showdown of each teams’ muse. PCC’s Managing Director, Gino Paulo Mah, graced the event and ceremoniously opened the Sportsfest. Sir Gino focused his message on balancing work and the need for physical fitness. Ralph Edward Bamba of the Pink Powerbladers, led the athletes in the oath of sportsmanship. The much anticipated Zumba ensued, giving the covered court a hype. Dorothy Joy Dizon and Jennifer Vino led the steps while the whole group followed the dance moves.

    After the Zumba, the Green Microbeckies squared off with the Yellow In-touchables on basketball. The Microbeckies had a good start in the first quarter, but the In-touchables were not far behind with the help of Yhsmael Sandoval who had the highest points in the game. The scores of the team got close in the last quarter, but Ariel Apuya managed to score a basket in the last seconds of the game, delivering the Microbeckies’ first win of the Sportsfest ending the game with a final score of 43 – 42. The next basketball game was between the Pink Powerbladers and Blue LiNA Pennies. During the first half, the LiNA Pennies had a good start leading the Powerbladers by 16 points, but the Powerbladers staged a fierce comeback, clinching a 7-point advantage in the second half. The game got close in the last minutes as the LiNA Pennies tried to regain their lead. The first deadlock of the game came after Idel De Guzman, managed to shoot 1 of 2 free throws during the last seconds of the second half, forcing the game into overtime. The LiNA Pennies kept their momentum, outscoring the Powerbladers by 5 points, ending the overtime with a final score of 43 – 38.

    The much-anticipated Extra-Challenge game was next. The challenge was to eat a set of pig and cow’s organs in the shortest possible time. The Blue Lina Pennies left the Green Microbeckies far behind giving them a win. In the second game, the time between the Yellow In-touchables and the Pink Powerbladers was close but because of the penalty, additional 30 minutes was added to the time of the Powerbladers giving the In-touchables a crucial win.

    The next event, Patintero, was set in the afternoon. This game tested the agility, speed and coordination of the players of each team. The first face-off was between the Pink Powerbladers and the Green Microbeckies. The Microbeckies managed to get a home-run, easily outscoring the Powerbladers. In the next game, the Yellow In-touchables had a good start, clinching a lot of points. The Blue LiNA Pennies on the other hand were not that far behind. But the In-touchables stepped up their game and outscored the LiNA Pennies, thus clinching their second win for the Sportsfest. Overall, the kick-off of the Sportsfest was a success. The next set of games will be on January 26, 2013. This year’s Sportsfest was organized and headed by the Social Activities Chairperson, Myron Espiritu and the HR Officer, Maria Anne Carmel Pangan.By: Gerald Del Rosario

  • PCC Takes Part in LiNA Medical Asia Distributors Meeting

    PCC once again came face to face with its Asian counterparts. The company was invited to take part in the LiNA Medical Aps Asia Distributors Meeting at Penang, Malaysia last October 4 and 5, 2012. Business Development Executive Catherine Labrador represented PCC in the said meeting.

    26 delegates from Hongkong, China, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines participated in the event. The meeting kicked-off with brief presentations by Mr. Niclas Woye, Head of International Sales and Mr. Frank Poulsen, Marketing Manager for Asia, regarding the current status of LiNA products in the world market and in the whole of Asia. Woye also gave some updates and a short training on LiNA’s Gynecology and Laparoscopic product range. Each country’s delegate was then given ten minutes to discuss the current status of LiNA products in their respective areas and their plans regarding LiNA Medical’s focus products for 2013: LiNA Xcise Morcellator, LiNA flexeal trocar and LiNA Gold loop.

    Two lap-gyne from India and Malaysia, spoke about their experience in using LiNA Xcise versus conventional morcellators, and the Powerblade in general surgery. Group round-table discussions regarding LiNA Xcise, LiNA Powerblade and LiNA Loop were also held during the meeting. Each delegate was also given an opportunity to meet with LiNA Medical’s big bosses. Overall, it was a very enlightening experience for all LiNA distributors.

  • New AMHSCO Building

    After more than a year of planning and construction, the waiting was finally over. On November 19 (Saturday), 2011, the management and staff of PCC moved to their new headquarters--- just across the old pink building. The opening of the new building was commemorated by Fr. Mon Torres, and was graced by distinguished guests, including the city mayor and vice-mayor of San Fernando.

    The blessing of the new corporate headquarters was a fitting conclusion to a long journey that saw the company hurdle some challenges and obstacles along the way. In 2009, the lot (on which amhsco building would stand) was still occupied by a bank, which took several months to vacate and make way for the construction. Once the demolition of the bank was finally finished in 2010 and the excavation began, the toughest challenge literally sprang forth. The construction team found natural spring water coming out from underground, and this made the laying of the foundation extremely difficult and complicated.

    After several weeks of consultations with structural engineers and other experts, the construction plans were revised. It moved the completion date of the building several weeks behind schedule. But from then on, the construction team, led by Project Manager Engr. Efren Sotto, never looked back and faithfully commenced the work. Regular meetings and consultations with architects, engineers, contractors, and sub-contractors, would prove productive and eventually pushed the completion of the project according to plan—a masterfully crafted plan at that, which was tirelessly designed by DMC architects, headed by Arch. Don Co.

    PCC’s transfer to the new offices also coincided with the challenge of ushering in a new staff organization. Prior to 2011, the company was understaffed due to the lack of personnel space. So it was indeed welcome news that the new offices could now welcome additional human resources to complement the growing staff. The 2nd floor would house the new Operations Department, as well as the Product Specialists and Business Development. The 3rd floor would accommodate the Finance department, and the newly created Administration department, while the 4th floor would be dedicated for the Sales department.

    During the simple blessing ceremony, employees and guests could not help but feel good about this humble milestone. One of the distinct features of the new building that guests took notice was the irregular-shaped façade, highlighted by the glass tower that extended beyond the roof deck. But perhaps the most popular and staff-favorite would have to be electronic security features, the environment-friendly elevator, and of course, the automatic LED lights (…which I suppose you would have to come and see to appreciate what we mean).by: Gino Mah

  • PCC at 40

    Patient Care Corporation is 40 years old! PCC will be undertaking a number of activities throughout the year to mark its 40th year in the medical sales industry: Wrapping of all delivery vehicles with the 40th anniversary billboard; printing of the 40th anniversary logo in all invoices,letterheads and folders; installation of 40th anniversary billboards along the North Luzon Expressway and the South Luzon Expressway; wearing of 40th anniversary commemorative shirts every Friday; and medical missions in partnership with POGS local chapters. PCC will host a simple celebration next month for its employees, customers, and business partners.

  • Biometrics Timekeeping & Payroll System

    In collaboration with East West Bank, PCC launched its new payroll system, which boasts of a biometrics record-keeping of attendance. Despite having a "ready-system," the admin team needed to work doubly hard in seeing this project through. Several hardware pieces needed to be acquired and upgraded. Encoding and testing needed to be done multiple times to ensure the seamless transition to the new system. But perhaps the most challenging, the Admin needed to securely link the new payroll system to the Santa Rosa biometrics system. After all that work, the PCC staff can't wait to try out this new technology!

  • Website Reboot

    After almost a year of preparation, PCC finally launched the new and improved company website. Unlike the previous version, the new website proudly features more useful information on the company's employees, activities, programs, products and promos. The website team was able to get contributions from various employees, in the form of photos, articles, and ideas--- as well as commitments from the contributors to keep the website always relevant and refreshing.